house update: cabinets!

last saturday, with some time to kill before the blind company came to measure, we ran around and pretended like we owned the place... ;)
we were headed to a bbq at church afterwards, so elle was focused on running around the splash pad, not our dusty house. oh well, i don't blame her:) 
she did take some time to check out paint samples, however. 
she's particular, this girl. 
someone, i won't name names (mike and mom), told her she could paint her room (*gag*) bright pink, so we're trying to find a compromise:)
^^ we're considering adding a "c" before the "h" on that shirt:) 
can you believe the cuteness!? and lack of a neck. he's still working on that one.
^^when we bought our condo we took a picture like this... except this time around, a little girl got a little jealous:)

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