happy anniversary!

we kind of forgot our anniversary was coming until a few days ago. 
(no. really.)
oh gracious, how pathetic of us!
it's been a crazy 8 years together. we've had so many adventures! 
and 2 incredible babies! (oh, i love them, so! but you already know that.)
dare i say it though?... marriage is hard? like, sososo hard. (it's ok, mike agrees. i'm not an easy person to live with... and the two of us, well, we're known for being fighters.)
i look back at our faces that day and can remember so much of the emotion! we were so young. so young! (hey! you up there! ^^ amanda and mike in 2005!! you're so young!!!) it's kind of frightening and strangely magical that you can make a decision that will literally last an eternity when you haven't learned most of what life has to offer... we still know so little! but, we're in this together. and we're learning together. and growing. and laughing.
happy anniversary, mikey!

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