because i think this is what life now consists of...

... random moments. not really events per say, because i never manage to take more than 4 photos at a single time with my camera. lugging a 14 lb. baby in addition to his 14 lb. car seat & elle & a bag & myself means the camera is, well, not with my cargo.
so here's another post of randoms. just in case you were wondering.
^^ elle makes me braid her hair each night before bed "just like the little girls do to rapunzel in the market!" each morning when the braids come out she measures it to see how she's doing. hey, she even volunteered to let me slide down from our balcony soon when it's long enough. so generous, that child;)
^^ elle planted a bean (bean? not sure) at preschool a few weeks ago, and watches it 1,409 times a day to see if it's grown. i told her it'll take some time (more than a day or two), and she asked if she could bring it to her wedding. "miss charity [her preschool teacher] will be so proud of me when i show her after my wedding is all done!"
^^ has anyone been to jdawgs? i went with my coworkers in provo after some serious fun work for byu women's conference. ever since? i'm still craving those darn dawgs.
^^ hey, jude! (na na na na na na na na...) just because i can't get enough of that boy. couldn't you just eat that face? nom nom nom.
^^ have i mentioned before? not sure... this boy? yah, forget peeing on us. he poops on us. he's peed on us, maybe once? twice? nothing maj. poop? i cannot count the times. literally. daily. jet-propelled poop. liquified, disgusting, nasty, wet poop that soaks through and stains everything. (are you still reading?) our bedding needs washed twice a week. as does his car seat. i've nearly-concluded i should do cloth diapers just because i'm covered in poop anyway all the time. he's just so darn cute though. and proud of his talent. anyway, this is his giddiness post-poopage.
i just like his superhero pose. and tongue. he always has that tongue out, that kid.


  1. What size of diapers is he wearing now? We jump a size immediately when they start blowing out! Also, yes, JDawgs is AWESOME. We frequent JDawgs quite often. There's one in AF now... at least a little closer to you

  2. Cuties! I love your blog Amanda.

  3. I can't believe you went to JDawgs and didn't bring me back one. Seriously. Throw a pregnant girl a bone here! ;) Jude is darling. A pooping darling, but hopefully that projectile thing will end soon. Hailey was like that- nothing we did ever helped- different diapers, up a size, etc. I bathed her in more public places that I could count. "Don't mind us, we're just splashing in the sink here at CPK." Ha!


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