11 weeks>>>

i've decided that jude's first 11 weeks have been sooooooooooo much nicer than my first 11 weeks being pregnant. i was thinking about that time span- how strange it is- 11 weeks. 
it seems so insignificant and random. but so much can change in 11 weeks.

then? i was so sick. it was so hot. i was miserable. he was a, what, spec still? a spec that made me feel like poop-face day-in and day-out. i couldn't sleep. i couldn't eat. 
i seriously doubted whether or not another baby was a good idea!
i still feared losing this baby inside me.
we were getting ready to leave for europe and i was completely terrified to travel that far and be so miserable...

it's been 11 weeks since jude entered our world and totally changed everything. 
i can't say enough good about this boy.
i love him more than i could have ever imagined.
i had no idea how amazing babies could be (sorry elle. no offense:)

since he likes to wake up (again) for the day around 5am (yes....5am...), i decided to go on a little run while mike stayed in bed. jude layed there. pooped a few times. puked a few times. you know, the life of an infant. 
he cooed. and giggled. and babbled loudly. he was just in a diaper since, well, he pooped and puked through a few onesies already. 
just after i left, mike said elle came in and crawled into bed where i laid jude. not knowing mike was watching, she just played with him gently...
she's such an incredible sister. 
the two of them together are something magical i tell you.
i adore these babies of mine.
i've adored these last 11 weeks of mine. 

ps- that hairline! don't you just die? awesomeness i tell you.

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