"every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end..."

Saturday, me and my 4 coworkers sat together in the Conference Center and listened as the new Young Women general presidency was announced. We probably looked so strange holding hands, tears streaming down our faces- ahh! The anticipation! We found out who they were at the same time as everyone else- the release is expected, but the newly called members are a mystery. I am so excited to "keep" Carol McConkie (the new first counselor)- she has served on the board and we all just adore her; getting to know Sisters Oscarson and Marriott will be a delight as well!
^^Carol Louise Foley McConkie, Bonnie Lee Green Oscarson and Evelyn Neill Foote Marriott

My first day working for the LDS Church was exactly 5 years ago- it was the first day of Sister Dalton's presidency. I moved over to the Young Women office almost 6 months laterthe first day the general board was called was also my first day. It's been an incredible 5 years together! We all knew this release was coming- you plan as best you can for what's in store, but it's still so bizzare.

The past months have been a whirlwind of emotion. I left my desk to go to the hospital and have Jude, and a week later, I was back at my desk. This past weekend marked my working 22 straight days (with the exception of Easter). It was entirely my choice to go back so soon- I do it because I love what I do, and who I'm with. (Also because that 24-straight day thing? That's not common! I'm so ready to settle back into a part-time schedule, and spend more time with my sassy toddler and squishy newborn!) My job is so much more than a job to me. Part of the reason I can leave my kids is because I know they're going somewhere they love, to people they love. I am so thankful! I feel like there are a lot of tough decisions in life, but for some reason, my going to work has never been one of those. My heart has been at peace knowing that, although not common, and I feel judged quite often, it's been the right choice for our family, for now. That could change any day, so I try and cherish each opportunity that presents itself, and soak up each ounce of learning from these exemplary men and women.

Each of those 14 women taught me lessons I couldn't learn from anyone else. The way they acted. Who they were. Their willingness to sacrifice and share. They loved me and my family. They were there as my family grew from 2 to 4. They are each remarkable and divine, exquisitely feminine, and representative of womanhood. They know their identity and divinity as daughters of God. That is a powerful witness... let alone x14!

This change is hard, yet glorious. It's a testament to the way life works- people come into our lives for a season. We learn, we grow, and we change into (hopefully) better, wiser individuals. Back in my high school days I loved the line "Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end..." (Thanks, Semisonic. Such an inspiring line, eh? Good times.) 

Here goes a new adventure with incredible women whom I look forward to working for, observing, and learning from for as long as I possibly can- hooray!

PS- Oh goodness, how I loved general conference! 
Especially this & this & this & this. (And the fact that the Choir sang my newly-discovered favorite song [also sang in the General Young Women Meeting], "Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise." Double bonus!)


  1. GREAT post! I couldn't agree more about working and I'm only going back part time too! Wahoo!!

  2. Daughter!! Love your thoughts & you!!! "Let Zion in Her beauty Rise..." it is also My favorite hymn since the 179th Sat Afternoon General Conference.

    We will all miss Sister Dalton, Sister Dibb, Sister Cook and the Board members. They were wonderful and devoted servants of our Heavenly Father.

    You have been and are so blessed and lucky! Now you get a chance to continue with a new Young Women's Presidency. May you and all your cohorts serve them and your Heavenly Father with the same Devotion and Love as you have shown for the last 4 & 1/2 year to Sister Dalton.

  3. Amanda, this was really well-written and well-photographed, as always! I love to read your blog. It is so full of light, and fun, and good thoughts, and that coveted Amanda-style!


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