date day...

^^ one of mike's best friends from high school got married on saturday, and mike & i made a day out of it thanks (once again) to my lovely parents; we went to the temple sealing and wedding luncheon while the kidlets were with my parents. it's been ages since we went to a sealing in the temple, and it was so neat to sit together and remember the covenants we made almost 8 years ago (EIGHT!?)... not to mention we were married for forever (FOREVER!?) in that same room:) 
after the ceremony, we ran in the rain (romantic, eh!?) to the mall- hey, when you're kid-less, you take advantage! and let me tell you: determined adults can do damage in a mall without kids. even when one is wearing heels. (blisters? totally worth it.) we decided 2 hours was "too long to wait for food" (the best excuse we could agree on), so we went to johnny rockets and ordered to-go: an oreo malt & onion rings. they split the malt so we could share (ooooh!)... which just meant i drank both anyway (oh.), and got twice the whip cream (i have an addiction). 
more running in the rain. 
a great luncheon. 
followed by a couple hours to play as a family, and off to the reception with the kiddos for more fun & a crepe bar i may have hit up twice. (not including the fact that i ate mike's crepes, too. and maybe elle's when she wasn't looking. 
( see, it's no wonder mike is so skinny. i eat all his food.)


  1. Is it just me or does mike look a little bit high (stoned, chonged, baked... i don't know what the kids are calling it now days) in the first picture?

  2. You two are the most fashionable, good-looking couple ever!


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