week 1...

mike was able to take this whole week off work. awesome! except... every time i think of him going back to work on monday i tear up (or cry. usually i cry). i have no clue how i'll do this alone. i feel totally inadequate! how lame am i?? we've never had 11 straight days just being together at home... trading off trying to catch a cat nap a day (if we're lucky). wearing pj's 24/7. waking up 5 times a night in a sleepy stupor to a squealing baby. getting used to feeding a human 8+ times a day (do you even pee 8 times a day? 8!? that's a lot!). balancing the needs and cuddles of a perfect newborn while also trying to entertain a 3-year-old in less than 900 square feet mid-winter (we did go on a long walk outside today- how delightful!). adjusting to 2 is so different than 1, but it's been such a wonderful week of family time...
^^ "playing with elle."
^^ in my lipstick for the 20th time in one day.
^^ helping give jude a bath.
^^ daddy/daughter date.

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