this week>>>

^^ Currently I'm trying to soak up my rapidly-growing chunk of a boy (he's over 8 lbs. now! What?!), feeding that babe, feeding other babes, working, trying to run errands (shopping carts are not meant for a carseat + toddler + groceries), cleaning & re-cleaning & re-cleaning, and planning a move (yes, moving). Who needs sleep anyway? Oh wait, I do. 
Maybe later.

Also note Elle as she headed to "crazy sock day" at preschool (sock-in-hair included).

The last few days Jude has been spending lots more time awake... & it seems to be a never-ending race to multi-task, and make sure he's being loved enough. Elle too. I'm not sure I'm succeeding. 
I am, however, finding some strange delight in spending hours a night staring at this baby in the dark. And that being the only time to have conversations with Mike (although they make very little sense most of the time). Yes, I desperately miss sleep, but if I'm not sleeping, I guess I'm ok with those alternatives:)

This balance thing is so not for beginners... and a beginner I am! I have no idea what I'm doing.

Oh, but holy Hannah, the weather has been perfection. 65? Yes, please.

How many calories are burned just surviving motherhood? I wonder... Definitely a lot. 
Cardio? Check!

Did you follow that? See, my brain? All over the place. Told you!


  1. Moving?? How exciting! Those pictures of your little man are gorgeous.

  2. WHA?? Moving? Details, girl! I can't get over all that dark hair Jude has. And oh, I can totally relate to the shopping cart thing. At one point I was piling soft things (like toilet paper/bread) on my baby in the car seat, thinking....THIS is not working!


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