my amazing coworkers threw a baby shower for our little man on valentines day- it was a crazy, crazy day at work, but it was such a treat (zing! pun!) to all sit together and just listen to their advice about boys. it's no surprise i've been terrified to welcome this man, but i value and love these women so much, it was just perfect to sit in a circle and laugh and laugh and laugh about their experiences. we got lunch from my favorite place, gourmandise, and the girls planned a "decorate your cookie with the name you think they should name this child" game. good times! there were some stellar options:) oh!! and please note that the tables were set up in the shape of a heart. you don't get that everyday, people.
oh, and while we're on the topic of parties! 2 days later we had a "tea party" for the daughters and granddaughters of the wonderful women i work with
these women? they can throw a party. can you tell?
i was/am shocked i didn't go into labor after being on my feet for 7 hours straight. although, boy has dropped, and i'm sure it's because of gravity that day! alas, he's still hanging on. he is angry that there is no room left inside of my belly. he reminds me most every moment of the day that he would rather be stretched out. owwwie. 
oh! party. sorry... here a just a few shots of the surroundings. and my favorite little girl who stopped by for lunch:)


  1. Wow! Those are Pinterest worthy parties! Gorgeous!

  2. Are you kidding me? I mean, I should know by now that the YW office knows how to party...but your shower and the tea party are so beautiful! You are one lucky girl :) I'm so glad you didnt end up having to use the towel and string at work though...

    Love you Amanda!


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