meeting jude...

jude's story:
jude's birth came in a strangely unexpected way. i did say that if i didn't make it to my induction date of march 1st, it would be delightful to have him on the 20th. i have this weird thing with reversible numbers, and 02/20 seemed the only viable option should he be born in dreary february:) elle was born on 10/01, but hey, it's not like those weird "that would be fun!" thoughts usually work, right? :)
i went into the doctor before going to work for my 37 week appt. i was at a 4. "are you having contractions?" "no." "oh, too bad. if you were, i'd could have sent you to l&d!" 
he asked if i wanted my membranes stripped. "uh, sure!" the thought went through my head of 'oh! my strep test must have been negative or else he couldn't do that...' after all, i was positive with elle, too, and my old doctor said it wasn't safe to strip my membranes if you tested positive for strep... 

after telling me that i could now go at any moment, he also said my strep test was positive- "oh, and if you do feel contractions, go right into the hospital. we need to get 4 hours of antibiotics in you before you can deliver. and you may go fast."
i threw my hospital bag in the car on the way to work, and tried to decide if i should wish for consistent contractions or not. as the day went on, i got more and more nervous about the whole strep + 4 hours + should he have stripped my membranes? thing. he's the doc, but google says it's bad... (ok, enough of saying that phrase. it grosses me out.)

around 2:00, i called in and pleaded the "hormonal, crazy" card, asking for confirmation that it was ok that i was going into labor on my own. the receptionist put me on hold and when she came back said that he wanted me to come in again and be checked. again. 
i was so bugged! i was just there!!! ugh. 
(time to speed up this story.)
mike met me at the doctors office. i was at a 5. today was baby day! 

we walked next door to the hospital, and i burst into tears as soon as we were alone in the delivery room. a life flight helicopter landed just outside our window. that didn't help the situation. 
we were dressed in work clothes, looking dazed and confused. was he ready? was i? i wanted to be un-pregnant, but i was only 37 weeks! i was exhausted from a killer cold, and had zero sleep in the previous 4 nights. i seriously doubted whether or not i would make it through a night delivery.

after a visit from my parents & elle, we waited. waited those 4 hours for the penicillin to kick in. my doctor broke my water and gave me my epidural around 7. i felt like crapface. so lightheaded and queasy. finally at 10 i was a 10!

our little jude was born at 10:21 after 3 contractions, and 90 total seconds of pushing. hallelujah!!
instantly adrenaline hit and i was beyond elated.
we had to wait until the epidural wore off before going to our new room. it was past midnight and although totally beat, i was in such a good mood. like, happier than i've been in... who knows. at least 9 months:) i was so happy not to be pregnant! happy to meet this little boy with a head-full of brown hair. happy that he was safe and sound and healthy. happy that i made it through the night and felt good. 
that hospital bed was the most comfortable bed i'd ever laid upon!  (no, seriously, though.)

it was 1:30am by the time we were settled in our room. the adorable nursery nurses were the cutest people ever, so we willingly let them take our little man for the night and we tried to catch some sleep.

our hospital stay was strangely vacation-like. my parents took care of elle for those few days, and we are so appreciative! we had visitors come and go, but also had the chance to just be with jude. he was a dream and didn't make a peep until the last day. he didn't ever properly cry, other than right when he was born. otherwise, he let out a few incredibly high-pitched, loud, sheiks. like 2 of them to share his pure distain. and that's it. it's quite funny. i wish so badly to capture one and share his manliness with his future girlfriends.

coming home has been an adventure... lots of sleeplessness. and can i just say? it's not very kind that the world doesn't stop turning when you bring a baby home to a house with a toddler. how do women do this with 5 kids at home!? it also doesn't help that the same toddler decides although she loves "baby brother," she kind of hates her mom right now. i guess i should have called that one? at least she loves jude... and mike. so i shouldn't complain:) i'm hoping it'll pass soon. otherwise, i'm incredibly grateful that mike has some time off to stay home as we figure out a new balance. 

i can't even imagine a better little person to welcome to our home. we are so in love with our jude!


  1. That is WAY cool about the kid's birthdays! Hang in there. Things will equalize. He is such a doll.

  2. Seriously so happy for you. He is such a doll!

  3. I love him. What a handsome guy! I can already tell you are handling 2 kids WAAAAY better than I ever will! You are pretty much my hero.

  4. He is so handsome already!! Where's the adjustment period? I can't wait to see him in person! LOVE the tongue picture! Congratulations you guys!! PS Send Elle over ANY time you need some alone time with little man. :)


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