blue eyes & blue sky...

first, we started off with curls. because... well, elle is a princess. not pictured (unless you saw on instagram): elle's curls + swim suit + skirt + headband across her forehead + heart shaped fruit. 
all by request. 
i'm trying to walk the line of being the crappiest mom ever by letting her watch crazy amounts of tv while i try to survive another day pregnant, and all-the-while doing what she wants that involves me actually moving around so that we both enjoy our final weeks with just us girls in the house. 
(holy run-on sentences.)
oh, and later? (hang on) we actually went outside! i know, i know! stop it, amanda. you're just too much! my little girl was itching for air (blue sky this afternoon!), and i'm fairly certain my little boy was too- he didn't stop moving for a nanosecond (shocker)- it's like he recognized fresh air through my paper thin skin and single layer of clothing (we all know nothing is covering this belly these days)...
ps- did you see it!? GRASS?? it's peeking out. i was more excited than a dog to see grass after all these months! not to mention, it reminded me i had to pee again. so we went back inside.

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