january. clearly.

so... it's like crazy cold outside. i mean, i know, it's winter. it's january. we're in "the mountains." i get it! i do. it's just so dreary. and smoggy. and you'd never know by the blond hair, blue eyes, and summer dresses this girl wears all day long. 
we've been inside more than i should admit! i am craving a good walk- you know, some fresh air? AIR! movement for this waddling body of mine! MOVEMENT! but the heater keeps winning. as does the leftover chocolate from christmas in the cupboard (*update: chocolate is now gone). so... apparently i'll hide inside and look at the frozenness outside that hasn't budged in weeks! 
although i swear i just saw an icicle drip... does that mean it's hit 32?! 
i have cleaned just about every inch of this little home of ours. 5 times over. all the cupboards, drawers, closets. appliances. walls. floors. nesting? perhaps. most likely just compulsion. 
c'mon sun and at-least-warm-enough-to-melt-temps, c'mon!!
ps - i think i end up with one of these posts every january? :) the sad part is that it's totally not an antsy toddler this year, it's an antsy, 8-month-pregnant 28-year-old. 

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  1. Please feel free to waddle your way down to my house and clean there next! (No, I would never do that to you!) Elle's scrunched nose is killing me, what an expressive girl! Weston literally gasped this morning when he could see the mountains outside -- so I hope we get some fresh air soon. Oh summer, how I miss you.


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