morning light.

i feel so out of sorts this year- although i've only been pregnant half the year, i can't seem to remember what it feels like to not be in pain or to actually see my feet. (feet!? are you there?!)

i feel like there is never a dull moment. sometimes i just long for a few days together where there is nothing to do. (i whine about this to mike and he is convinced i create things to do when those days do happen... he's probably right:) this morning as i thought of our pre-christmas plan of attack (this is the last time i am going to walmart this week! seriously, how many things can one person keep forgetting?), i plopped down on the floor and just looked around reminding myself to "breathe..." i can't figure out if my constant state of feeling overwhelmed is due to pregnancy, the cold weather, a hectic schedule, being out of control... who knows! i'm exhausting myself just thinking about thinking.

the early hour in which the people i live with wake up (in particular, 1.5 small people), in addition to the late rising of the sun makes for a delightful scene each day (at least on days i notice). it's usually cloudy and dark. today there was actually a hint of sun! beds were unmade but the house was (relatively) clean. the heater kicked on. elle chimed for the 20th time, "MOMMY!!! pretend you are elle belle and i am mommy!" it was a lovely little moment of peace and although i go crazy in this tiny house, i'm so thankful for it. thankful for the heater and the lights of the christmas tree, and the blessings we have in our lives right now. thankful for this christmas season... thankful for the pretty morning light that puts a little more into perspective...

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