our life lately...

first, how nice was mikey the other day? and so right-on with at least the belly button part:) it was a great birthday i had- mike took the day off work and what more could you ask for on a tuesday? i mean, seriously!  husband surprised me with gifts (even though we promised no gifts), including a "happy hanukkah" gift card from nordstrom... love him! we christmas shopped for miss elle (being santa for a 3-year-old rocks). we shopped at the mall as a fam. we played in cold puddles. we went to olive garden (by demand of the 3-year-old who was patient enough to endure 55 minutes in the apple store). it was a lovely day!

other notes: nasty glucose drink does not go down any easier with ice and a cute glass // a belly that just keeps growing (27 weeks today!) // the view leaving work & some delightfully delicious birthday treats. oh, and did you see my desk? how great are the cuties i work with for making it so awesome? (have you noticed that nothing is in order? whoops.) thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes! thanks for  everything! (except maybe that glucose drink.)

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