halloween 2012- it's a good one!

ahem, let me explain.
well, try to. i mean, no one explained it to me. 
mike took a couple days off this week, including halloween. when i got home from work (at 5:15, the plan was to go trick-or-treating by about 6), i walked in the door and found this looking back at me...
what am i going to do with him? seriously? no more face paint in our home. EVER! it means trouble.
so... mike decided to be a smurf. an hour before we left to trick-or-treat (and while i was unaware, at work). that's cool. seeing that i was... nothing... he even whipped me up a smurf hat and suspenders (yes, the sewing machine was even up and going with orange thread)! oh, halloween...!

our conversation went something like this (remember, i'm mean. and hormonal):
"mikal. why are you so weird. what are you doing? what happened to being normal? and even IF i MAYBE were to dress like a smurf, what exactly would i wear?" 
"um... a white dress!!! yah! a white dress!" 
"mikal. i don't own a white dress. and if i did, it wouldn't fit. i'm pregnant. and nothing fits. oh, and why would i want to feel even uglier than i already do!?" 
"...but... well, because! we're smurfs!"

considering that he looked like a proud (blue) boy. and that he'd already stuffed himself with pillows and blankets... i obliged. and off we went...
he held up his hips the whole night.

please note elle's faces below:) good thing she's not 13. can you imagine the horror of humiliation!??! :)
was that enough close-ups for you? in case you missed us. oh, and that last goodie with us trying to get the paint OFF mike's face! we're so pretty!
you're welcome.

...and now, a much more normal (chilly) trunk-or-treat at church (the weekend before halloween)...
as i sat here and posted, elle came up to me, then froze dead in her tracks: "WOOOOOOOOAH mommy! look at your giant baby! you're really big mom. ouch."

until next year, halloween.
now, bring on the christmas music!!

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