elle's first dance recital = another painted face (this time, for a good reason!)...

(after halloween, i officially threw away the white face paint. i've had enough spooky white faces for one season:)

elle had her very first dance recital last weekend! my baby! dance! yes, we're "those" parents who put their kids in dance, even though the "actual dancing at the recital" rate hovers somewhere around 36.9%. 

life's been a little too crazy, so after this recital we decided to pull her out until next fall- either way, she loved her last few months as a little ballerina! or... whatever dance they do as toddlers:) this was a perfect "farewell to dance, 2012."
her "dress rehearsal" consisted of her standing alone, still, and crying, so i was pathetically nervous for the actual performance! she's normally fine, but something about her knowing i was there threw her whole persona out of whack? *oh, please, please, please just dance like we know you can!!* thankfully, she danced like a true pro for the real deal. she's a star!! clearly. right? right:) 
(can you hear me channeling my inner stage-mom!?)
don't mind my shaking arm as i'm zoomed in like crazy- she's the second from the left most of the time:)

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  1. Oh my goodness, she is so adorable!! They look like little munchkins! (and don't you just totally want to smack the people that can't shut up when you're trying to watch your kid dance??)


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