how to make your pregnant wife pee her pants before halloween...

(scene: sunday morning in the crazy petersen house. amanda on the couch, trying to finish her lesson before church. making a cake for dessert. trying to entertain a sassy 3-year-old who somehow has lost the ability to hear most of what i say since she turned 3 almost a month ago...)
mike: "i'll be back in 4 minutes..."
(mike disappears into the bathroom, turns on fan. elle & amanda look at each other with puzzled faces. amanda resumes her lesson. elle resumes throwing pillows off the couch, narrowly missing a cup of teetering apple juice.)
...10 minutes pass...
(mike comes RUNNING OUT OF THE BATHROOM wielding a bat, looking like this... clown music playing eerily in the background. insert a giddy elle, and screaming amanda, who is fairly certain she will die at any moment. amanda hates clowns.)

i yelled at him for quite some time afterwards. not.cool.

a short while later while i thought mike was in taking a shower, he proceeded to LEAP from behind a door and tackle me to the ground, pin me down, and scream in a terrifying clown voice in my face.
i proceeded to scream like i was being murdered, and naturally, peed my pants.
you cannot do this stuff to a pregnant woman. or... me... anytime.

you thought i was kidding with the peeing my pants thing? yah, i wasn't.
p.s. - i maybe almost peed my pants while taking these pictures. he kept creeping up on me. 
UGH! i hate clowns.

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  1. I'm not even pregnant and I almost peed my pants reading this! Oh, Mike. Make him stop being so hilarious!


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