rome, day 4

by this point in the trip, my body was telling me, "amanda.enough.youarecrazy." my feet & back & hips ached from all the walking. the sights in rome are plentiful and spread out across many crooked cobblestone streets! since we were two minutes from the termini, we walked over and decided to jump on one of those on/off buses. best decision ever! i mean, i felt like the epitome of a tourist, but why the heck have we not done this before!? it was the best way to see the city- from the 2nd story of a bus, wind cooling the 92 degree heat. it was also the best way to get our bearings- where things were, where we were, what rome really looked like, etc. i'll never forget banking two turns and seeing the sights pictured in the top 2 photos above- hello, rome!
our first full day we decided to see the vatican.
after a few hours in lines & walking (& walking & walking & walking), we made it through st. peter's basilica  and the sistine. the sistine! i was so excited to see the sistine! we paid to get into the vatican museums, and really, just b-lined for the sistine. we sat and enjoyed the scenery. so beautiful! thanks to the rick steeves audioguide, we had our bearings on what was happening- it sure beat all those tour groups floating around! i loved going at our own pace, too.

later that afternoon we went to the trevi fountain (way too many people, apparently i have almost no photos:)- it was smaller than i thought, but really pretty. we threw in a coin... grabbed some gelato... people watched...

we chose a random cafe near the trevi, & ate the most incredible carbonara & canneloni! (we went back the next day for more:) 
that night after freshening up, we decided to ride our little bus again and just take in the sights as the sun set...


  1. Wahoo! I've been to all of these places! So fun to relive those memories. Love Rome! (even in it's incredibly awful heat!)


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