paris & rome, day 3

we only had a few hours remaining hours in paris before leaving for rome, so we left our hotel and walked in the only direction we hadn't explored yet. it was somewhat early in the morning, so the streets were filled with people going to work, setting up shop, putting out produce, and filling the patisseries with fresh baguettes. i was distracting my nose by looking up at the perfectly parisian architecture, in an effort to avoid bingeing on another demi baguette:)
i know i haven't talked much about food (rare for me, right?)- that's because i've been blogging about it over on butter! i will do a shout-out here to our breakfast in paris- the best breakfast on the planet, i'm certain of it. oh! the fresh-squeezed juice! the pasteries! that cereal! the yogurt! jam- in a jar! :)
before leaving town, we sat by the canal one last time.
and laughed at the sparse but appreciated toilets mentioned in my last post (the bathroom where said disgusting rendezvous occurred).
i think jetlag +  baby hit me full-force as we waited to board our plane. i may have passed out- those hours of waiting are very foggy. i do recall the incredible kindness (and style! tsa's can have style!? who knew!) in the cdg airport- MAN, the french do some things very well! they have fancy terminals, too:) we flew air france, and it was a strangely nice and elegant flight (didn't know that was possible). it was also the only plane i've been on in years that wasn't full (didn't know that was possible either!). 
landed in rome, dropped off our bags, freshened, and walked straight across the street for pasta:) mikey devoured this spaghetti, and i enjoyed ravoili...
the un-helpful hotel (more on this later) didn't have any map or offer directions, so we left with a vague idea of where to go, and walked to the spanish steps. well.... it was like a million miles. it at least felt like a million:) maybe more like 6. my legs & feet? dunzo. 
we ended up approaching them from above!
what is that!? what is that?! what do you see!? CHESTNUTS! 
do you remember how much i love chestnuts? they were so darn expensive, but that smell of them roasting almost made me succumb... i thought of my mama- if i could have brought some home, i would have! instead, we ate some delish cherry gelato (rinsing our hands in the fountain), & people watched until it was dark & we meandered our way back to the hotel.

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