paris, day 1

we flew direct to paris on monday night, landing at 11am. the flight was a little bit of an adventure- there was a woman who only spoke arabic, and was traveling alone with 6-month-old twins. to make a long story short, it was a disgustingly fascinating study in how lousy humanity can be- those little babies screamed the whole flight- no toys, nothing to do. she was alone and overwhelmed, unable to speak english. i did my best to offer help in holding or rocking the babies so she could go to the bathroom, eat, or just switch babies, but i was the only one. 300+ people on a plane- all listening to the same screaming kids (many of whom were parents, i'm sure), but no one offered to help. pathetic! it broke our hearts watching the frustration people were expressing- we're all on the same giant tin can- the least people could do was help! oh well. it wasn't a restful night, but it at least distracted me from the looooong flight:) 

we made it to the hotel (i did get pushed off a train by a crazy pregnant french lady- all because i was an innocent bystander), and killed time before we could check-in by finding the nearest patisserie and devouring a petite baguette, quiche, and fanta:) our hotel was right near the gare de l'est (a central train station), but also near the pretty canal saint-martin. the canal turned out to be such a great bonus! we loved to just spend time sitting on the bank, people and boat-watching- so perfect! we did a quick change, realized my flat iron wouldn't work in europe (thanks voltage), explored the boutique hotel a bit, accidentally cat-napped, enjoyed the garden view out our tiny bedroom window, and finally took off for an evening in montmartre/the sacre coeur neighborhood. oh, it was so pretty! packed with people. we enjoyed the streets. searched for shade on the hike up the hill. dipped my feet in the fountain. ate amazing strawberry ice cream. finally, headed back toward the hotel for a little picnic on the canal bank...

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  1. Mmmm...look at those bakeries. Europe is incredible!


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