it's fair time!

hang on, my kid is so cute.
and my husband is, too.
thanks to my mom & dad for the inspiration to go, and the great company!

now, scroll down, and look for the goat that wanted to kill me (no, for real. wait for his creepy killer eyes- 6 pictures of my cute kid, then 1 picture of a terrifying goat). also further down, note another belligerent goat ramming mike because mike ran out of carrot slices! good times! (wait, those are goats, right? i never get my farm animals right.)
davis county fair pros:

  • it didn't smell like a fair! seriously. there was no hint of rabbits, poo, horses, puke...
  • free entry!
  • free pony rides!
  • free petting zoo! 
  • it was so quiet- decibel and people-wise!
  • did i mention no poo? the only poo i saw the whole night was on the seat of porta-potty when elle entered due to the fact that she was doing her "i'm going to pee my pants dance" (i SO wish i could have skipped that experience. on that major pro turned con, let's roll right into the cons...).

davis county fair cons:

  • you have to pay for parking. 
  • smallest fair ever
  • food was a total downer. (although the funnel cake was pretty good...)
  • mike saying every 2 seconds, "this is no box elder county fair, amanda... at box elder they have [insert any and every comment possible here]..."
  • there was a total of like 6 rides, only 1 that elle could ride on.
  • there were no carnies!! this is a con. what's a fair without carnies?!
last year's trip to the utah county fair here.

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