a work in progress...

if anyone has tricks as to how to get their child to stay in bed past 5:00 am, send those nuggets of wisdom our way! getting elle to sleep, to stay asleep, and to remain in her room has been a 23-day adventure, and we're still very much in-progress! her room is still in-progress, too, as we have left her crib in there as leverage (i.e.: "you need to sleep in your big girl bed or else you'll have to go sleep in your crib, ok?" "oh no!! i don't want to be trapped in my crib! i'll never get out!). 

i can't count how many things we've bought as bribery, alongside pleas to stay in her bed at night: yoyo's, night lights, toys, candy, books, promises for dates and adventures as a family, even dance classes... i'm not sure if any of it has/is working? :) perhaps this is bad parenting- bribery? :-/

i'm also not sure i'm ready to accept the fact that we officially have a mid-night-wanderer... i'm an insanely light sleeper (as is elle), and it is just plain terrifying to be awoken by a shadowy figure staring at you with a blanket over her head. creeeeeeeepy! 

she's always had to sleep w/ 3 fans, and pillows in front of the doors to try and block out sounds. our tiny house does not lend itself to light sleepers, and we have learned that once she's in bed you can't cook, clean, walk without tiptoeing, or flush the toilet. now that she refuses to sleep with the door closed, we've had to resort to even more drastic measures to ensure complete silence. oh, if you could see the dance us petersen's do while the littlest is sleeping! i'm sure we are very entertaining to watch.
here's to making quick progress:)
(above: elle putting her bear to sleep instead of herself.)


  1. I want to see more of her room, it looks so cute! Ever since we switched Weston to a toddler bed (since he learned how to acrobat out of it) he will RARELY stay in his bed all night -- and most nights ends up with us. (Usually neither of us remember allowing him to get in with us...but wake up and there he is - lying on my face)
    I have been hoping that getting a big boy bed for him will help him want to stay in his room... but now, I'm not sure! I hope she gets the hang of it soon!

  2. Oh, darn! That is a rough go! No great advice for you. I've heard of people giving the kid an alarm clock and saying the kid can't come out until it rings, then rewarding. There's always the flip the lock around trick or limiting TV within 4 hours of bedtime... Best of luck to you!

    And yay! You got the bedding. Are you in love??


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