we love ourselves some weekends. it was drizzly and humid, so we stayed "in-" hit up boondocks, then got a burger & shake. saturday night we went back out so for a puzzle (yes. puzzle.), and may have gotten frozen yogurt. is it ok to eat dessert out twice in one day? i think so. we always share. so technically, that means whenever we get dessert, we only get half our outing of dessert. also, good news! they may have opened a yogurtland 2 miles from our house (fell in love in maui last year- forgot it was called yogurtland, but connected the dots when they handed us the same pink & green spoons- HAAAA-AAALELUJAH!), and now i'm fairly sure we'll go weekly. or more than weekly.

more good news! elle has been sleeping until 6am- yahoo!
bad news! elle has been falling out of bed multiple times a night. (yes, multiple. don't call cps on us.)
(what the?? why did this start a month into the big bed thing?...?)
today, we stopped at the store and currently the little lass is napping in her bed w/ this strategy (thanks pinterest!). fingers crossed. fingers crossed! 

*see our last visit to boondocks here. oh! so tiny!

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  1. Boondocks is such a fun place especially with kiddos! I love the picture of Elle with a ball under her chin like a phone. Gorgeous pictures on your photo blog as well!


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