observations of a toddler...

as soon as elle woke up this morning she immediately grabbed my hand, "oooooh! new nail color! i paint mine like yours!?" about a minute later as we were jumping on my bed, attempting to wake mike, elle looked over into our stuffed, tiny closet, and said, "oh! daddy! that shirt's new! it's for meeee!?" she proceeded to point out a shirt that, alas, was mike's, and new, but she'd never seen, and said: "a dress for me!" she put it on, added shoes, earrings, and the top of my perfume bottle, and said, "ok! it's my wedding! how do i look!?"
(note: flower clip was added to the back by request, because, apparently: "mommy, my dress is too big. it shows my boobies. maybe i wear it later when i'm older?" so modest.)

earlier this week i got my new phone (HOORAY!), and within 3 days, elle discovered Siri. "mommy! there's a girl robot in your phone?" she learned how to talk to Siri, and i laughed as i heard her and Siri chat in the backseat. this is what i heard Siri say in response to elle's babble:


  1. haha! This is hilarious! She is such a character. Love it!

  2. Your little Elle is so precious!! Can't wait til my Evelyn gets to that age. So fun!

  3. Wow she's observant!! I love hearing the things she says. She is so hilarious.


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