dear deer...

this weekend we had one of our little sunday drives. we even saw a deer eating grass by the side of the road. the rest of the drive elle called for it, "deeeeeeeer!??! come back! where are  you? i missss you!" not sure why i didn't take a picture of it since it was right out my window and we just watched it for a few minutes. alas, no pictures of the deer. just my dears instead.
(oh, right, the title- have you seen this video? every time we see a deer, i think of this song mike used to watch, all the while laughing his heiney off. poor bambi's.)
oh, and i'd also like to point out that my sweet daughter seems to have inherited my clumsiness grace. 
either that, or she's just a normal, awkward toddler, and i never grew out of being awkward even though i'm fully grown? 
that could be it as well... right. 
anyway, the other day she tripped on, well, her own foot, and launched forward, landing with her tooth in the wall. repeatedly. check it out! 3 holes in the wall. all from the same tooth. bless her heart. and bless her strong teeth for not breaking off. sorry to her lips for being pierced though. owww.


  1. i honestly love reading up on your life. Miss elle is such a sweetie!!

  2. Cute pictures! I'm glad you blog often :).

    Here is the link for the cookies (I don't use walnuts, half the recipe, use Guittard choco chips and take them out when they are no longer shiny on top but not yet brown. Let the cookies sit on the cookie sheet about 5 minutes while they "deflate", then put them in an airtight container). Ha, very scientific I know, but it works!


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