our life lately...

i dropped my iPhone last week and the screen shattered. tear. (aka: weep.) the only plus? i am due for a new phone in just 4 short weeks. until then? well, i suppose i'll learn to live with a warped view of the world via phone. i've totally been slacking on pictures (down to a mere dozen/week- a serious slowdown for me). lately? we went to see elle's "tusins" (cousins) in tremonton & had such a wonderful weekend with family! we all rode on their 4-wheelers to visit mike's grandma- i'm absolutely terrified of atv's ever since i rolled down a mountain a while back, but i'm doing my best not to instill fear in elle:) she loved every bumpy minute of our ride (notice her green helmeted head).
we've also 1) discovered that the walls at church are "sticky" and make rather entertaining "felt boards." (irreverent, but entertaining.); 2) enjoyed the outdoors- an ongoing delight; 3) finally hit up the new cheesecake factory downtown (the wait was less than 2 hours!), and 4) window shopped. i am instilling a love for shopping in this girl.

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