a little early & a little late...

elle is at th-uh best age. i had my doubts about the terrible two's, especially right around 24 months, but elle is pure awesomeness lately! i hope i'm not struck down or cursed for saying any of this, so *knock on wood!* i promise it comes from a place of humility, and is said w/ ridiculous amounts of gratitude... 

this is the tough reality of motherhood i've learned: at times, it feels like all the estrogen in the world has come together with their secrets and sleeping infants, and i'm the last kid on the playground picked for dodgeball. i would sit there staring, "wait... what?" i always felt out of the loop. like the "odd mom out." there are so many opinions. more than the sands of the sea, i'm quite certain! i am fully aware that we are a little strange. we have never owned a proper high chair. we have no basement of toys. no changing table. i've never bought a single can of baby food. "normal" must not be our thing... but i guess i am learning to like "our" thing. i have come to terms w/ the fact that i love my baby & she loves me. and we are cool to each other! i have no idea how we survived those first years... and i'm sure that whenever we have another child, we'll be back to square one:) 

here's what i'm thankful for these days: there is no lugging around baggage. no stressing about what she is/isn't doing in relation to other babies. no frustration or wondering if i was going to be a bad mom or not bond w/ my child because i didn't nurse (or like to nurse) like all the other moms (hallelujah, she is very happy & healthy and is quite well balanced, and we love each other, formula and all- take THAT, you critics! [oh, right, there went my price for a minute. sorry, back to humility]). she gets in/out of the car herself. she walks & talks. she expresses emotion. best of all... is potty trained and (gasp) sleeps.

a little early
i always wanted to potty train elle "early," but i feel like the second i mentioned it (i needed affirmation), people looked at me crazy. "she'll tell you when she's ready..." or "you can't rush your child..." it just felt like more people screaming, "NO! AMANDA, THAT'S NOT HOW YOU DO IT!" i was elated to come across this article. it was a life saver! i think i jumped for joy, and immediately ordered said potty seat. elle was about 20 months and although she had no desire to ditch diapers, we worked at it slow and steady. since i work part-time, i knew i wouldn't be able to just dedicate a week straight to potty-training non-stop. no rush- just a lot of nakedness for a few weeks/months. she's my child, and she is a willful, spirited little thing! i suppose it was a sort of "coming together" for both of us? i knew once she had her say, she'd fight it. now? she's a pro. (thank goodness, i haven't had to scoop poop off the carpet for a looooooooong time!) she still uses diapers at night and during naps, but that's fine w/ me. she was a champ in both ohio and florida- she never had an accident while we were gone. it's miraculous. and joyous. i would encourage any mom to start this early- it seriously, has been such a blessing in disguise!
(elle takes a seat on her little stool. we never used a "little potty" because we only have this one tiny bathroom... and i want "things" to go straight from one's body to pipes, without me being an intermediary. just personal opinion!)

a little late
so, um, elle is still in a crib. and she is officially 2 1/2. (this is also why she still uses diapers a night:) and although i went through a few months of thinking, 'man, we've got to get her into a real bed!' i'm learning that this crib thing isn't so bad after all:) sure, there's a cute twin bed boxed in our garage... and i'm excited to rearrange her room... but that's ok. it can sit there. for some bizzare reason, she just doesn't care about escaping out of her crib! she could climb out so easily (actually, she has a bed at my parents because she climbed out of that thing months & months ago!)... yet she stays put at our house! see her levitating below? she's magical. i don't get it, but i'm not complainin'! it's a darn miracle. the very best part of all? she sleeps. she....... sleeps. and naps. she's never been a great sleeper, although i tried and wept many-a-night that she never "followed" babywise like she was supposed to... she's somehow better now? *knock, knock, knock on wood!!!* i know this will end, i do, but each day, i fall down in gratitude that she sleeps 12 hours/night, and takes 2-3 hour naps each day... if this is because of a crib? she may have a crib in her room until she's 8. sleep makes me a better mom. a better human being. and i am so thankful. please, keep the sleep a-coming!
cheers to whatever works for you... & helps you sleep through the night;)
and here's to maaaaaaaaany more sleep-ful nights for us all.

p.s.- on a totally unrelated note, i saw
this blog on this blog, and about wet myself as i laughed hysterically. ha!


  1. Amanda, you are fantastic. I love your blog. I especially love the little bit on not nursing. People made me feel sooooo crappy about not doing it.

  2. btw I commented like 3 times on your last post because I was super hungry when I was reading it and I really REALLY wanted the food you and mike were eating. I wonder why those didn't show up. Anyway I still really REALLY want the food you guys are eating.

  3. hahaha. Hey girl, the 13th article of faith requires me to ask you out! That's gotta be the best one.

  4. I love this post. It's so true. I worried so much about Drake and all his stupid "milestones" that first year or more. It's nice that he's at an age now that I know everything is okay and even though, he always reached the supposed "milestones" later than other kids- he's awesome now! I hope I remember this on my next kid. I love reading about others doing things "out of order" (if there really is an order). Makes me have hope!

    And although, I'm a total lover of nursing, I love that you said what you did about it. I get tired of people on both sides- criticizing others for bottlefeeding OR breastfeeding. I see both at work and elsewhere and it drives me crazy. Everyone should just do what they want to do and not be judged, right! Good post!


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