little art-eest!

i know, total mom moment, but i'm just so amazed. holy cow, kids are crazy! the other night we were sitting on the couch- me on the computer, elle next to me drawing (oh, and mike doing dishes like always- LOVE HIM). elle said, "look mommy! i draw a happy face!" i looked over and, lo and behold, my kid drew a happy face! like... it, like, looks like a happy face! my reaction would have led a stranger to believe that i had just raised a man from the dead. i was a little dramatic with my shock and delight. i mean, we draw, but i never have seen anything but scribbles appear from a pad of paper. add to it the fact that her drawings generally look similar to, if not better than, my drawings. i'm floored. parenthood amazes me- things that i don't think i teach her, she knows. things that i wish i knew, she figures out. things i say, i pray she won't repeat (work in progress). earlier this week we were in the car, and as i chatted on the phone w/ my mom i heard elle talking to herself in the back seat: "ELLE! don't freak out!" "don't freak out?" what a statement to come from the mouth of a toddler. (then again, maybe she learned that judging by how i react to her and her crazy developments? hmmm... that would make sense.)

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