life lately...

sun, snow, sun, snow... repeat. thank goodness for 80 and sunshine earlier in the week; dinner w/ mike's mom before she headed home to oklahoma; lunch date w/ daddy at liberty park- i ran while he & elle played. he swears he was tickling her face- i say it's a full on face smash. i can't stop laughing:); we attempted a mini-cleanse this weekend. it lasted about 19 hours before i nearly passed out and ate an english muffin. we are committed to eating better around these parts, however!; family date day including a trip to jou jou; i love planet fitness. i hate that over the last 5 years i've been going it gets busier and busier (*get off my machine, non-routine people! that's like stealing someone's pew at church [get it? get it!?]); tulips around temple square; tremonton last weekend = mack's; mike got rear-ended by an uninsured motorist. SERIOUSLY? those people are still around?? get a life, dude; dooooo-nut time again!

ps- while i work out, elle & mike go on a date- usually the bookstore or pet store. last weekend i got back in the car and elle yelled in one long string: "mommmy! at-pet-store-fish-jump-out-of-sink(??)-tank!-TANK!-and-and-and-and-daddy-save-i-mean-we-save-is-liiiifffe!" apparently a fish tried to commit suicide. sad, lonely, 7 cent goldfish. *flop, flop, flop on the ground* mike threw it back in the tank- hooray!
mike, you're my our hero.

pps- after said rescue, we arrived at above
donut shop and elle saw (yes, it's true), a PINK st. bernard. PINK! after all her requests for us to get a "pink puppy!" and our assurances that puppies don't come pink, imagine our surprise when a ginormous pink st. bernard licked her face with a tongue the size of her face. take that mike & me. they do exist.

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