ahem: hand, foot, & mouth disease, 1 rude doctor, shopping, burgers, and the general young women meeting...

what a weekend, huh?

a few days after elle's fever spiked, the rash all over her body turned into blisters and welts. including massive sores (about 20) down her throat and all over her tongue. the bottoms of her feet were covered in sores, as were her little hands and sweet little face. oh! my baby! the doctor confirmed our suspicions, and diagnosed "the worst case of hand, foot, and mouth disease [she'd] ever seen." we have no idea where it came from, but she's getting much better! when she said her mouth hurt i assumed it was a molar- oops. apparently it was lesions on her thoat. sorry, elle! thankfully, she was able to eat and drink still, keeping her hydrated and free from the hospital. there's no cure or medicine, so she's riding this one out.

what a week it has been! i'm exhausted. but grateful we're all healing.
after her appointment at the doctor on friday, i promised elle we'd go out for a cookie date! after crying through the doctor's appointment (her doc was unavailable, so we went to someone else. WHY do mean people decide they should be pediatricians?? i was terrified of her, let alone elle! not a good experience.), i told elle it was cookie time and she replied, "oh! i'm so happy now!" 
saturday before i went to work at the gywm, we went on a date to in-n-out- elle's request. and it's not like i'll pass that up...
the meeting last night was incredible- the messages and music were, like, through the roof awesome. and i'm not just saying that because i'm partial. 

one more week of craziness (hopefully this one is FREE FROM SICKNESS!)... 

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  1. We had hand, foot and mouth two years ago. It was horrible! Olivia had it pretty severely and Jonathan and I both got it, although it wasn't too bad... just like a cold. I hope Elle gets better soon!


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