our travel tricks: disney world edition.

No joke, peoples, I’m ready to throw my computer out the window. Photoshop. I’m totally stumped. Waiting for an epiphany to come…
Since I’m holding out hope that I can fix some pictures before I start the blogging bonanza, I’ll give a little follow-up to
this post.

We scored a sweet vacation package- hotel, park tickets, and food. I booked through Disney, dates based off their cheapest of the year- and by selecting dates even more strategically, we also landed a free meal plan! We thought the meal plan would only feed us for two meals/day, but to our surprise, it lasted the entire week! I was not sold on the whole meal plan idea, but it ended up being brilliant. Brilliant! The only downside? I’m positive I gained at least 5 pounds. My GOSH we ate so much food! And in hindsight, the only vegetable I recall eating was a salad.
Each meal consisted of a “quick service” (not sit-down restaurant) entrée, drink, and dessert, anywhere on Disney property. Our favorite meal was at Wolfgang Puck- a 12” brick oven pizza, crème brulee, and unlimited fountain drinks. We went five times. And I’d go back again today if I could. The meal would have cost $25… but it was free. And only counted for one meal allotment (we had 28, plus 14 snacks).

Flights were only about $200 total (thanks to mostly free Southwest flights via our Southwest CC’s), and we split the cost of the car & gas with my parents. Elle was free the entire trip since she is still two; also thanks to her age she didn’t care about souvenirs. She’s not a big eater, so we never paid for a meal for her.

Here’s my moment of hypocrisy- I think there’s a certain point where things aren’t worth their price (high or low). Although we planned to switch to a “free” hotel the last three nights (free Radisson points), the concept of packing up and moving off the park seemed like… well, a total downer. Elle was finally settling into slumber in a big girl bed and room she knew. Laundry was everywhere. The location was perfect. Checking out and back into another hotel meant skipping a prized nap (Elle naps NOWHERE but in a room, alone… she didn’t miss one nap the entire trip. We're so compulsive). It was all just too much. I was kicking myself for not thinking of this before we left (and checking for specials before we left), after all, the cheapskate in me knew that this wasn’t going to be pretty (hello, holiday weekend!). Alas, we did it- we extended our reservation and stayed in the same room for the last 4 days. Thanks to the holiday weekend, I think these last night’s cancelled out all the money we saved on the free meal plan BUT we had a great time! No regrets. We spent more time together as a family, and having fun rather than packing up, switching hotels, getting into a new routine, traveling farther, blah blah blah. It was a total relief. I always forget that each trip seems to contain at least one “oopsie-” one year it was a car accident ($500), another it was missed flight and the purchase of another airline ticket ($500)… at least this time no one was hurt and no stress was incurred! Win, win.

And that’s that!
what? i didn't know my camera could shoot panorama! that would have been fun had i found out prior to our last day on vacation.
"so you think you can dance" here i come! wait, what? i have no form? fine. nevermind. i'll stick w/ my day job.
said pizza. and receipt. yum, right?


  1. That is so great! We've been contemplating getting the Southwest credit cards for awhile and think we're finally going to make the plunge!

    Our bedding is this one from Anthropologie, in ivory. It is a heavy quilt, and I love it because comforters always shift in duvets so I don't have to worry about it.


    Spencer's mom gave it to us for Christmas--the best advice I can give is to use the 15% birthday month discount if you ever get it, ha! Or they do close out colors every once in awhile, so check the clearance.

  2. That was quick! :)

    Here is the link for the anthro card (like a Smith's card, not a cc) and they send you the discount card for the month of your birthday. They also have free shipping from time to time for anthro card holders.



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