the happiest place on earth: getting started...

Disney World! Here we go!
The first few days were fuh-reezing.
It is February, but I was not prepared for weather in the 30’s. And the wind- oh, the wind! Our first full day (Sunday) we skipped the parks and window shopped instead. We flew in late-late on Saturday, and by the time we got to bed it was almost 1am. Elle didn't feel like sleeping much (shocker, right?), so we were all up by 3:30. 
Yes, 3:30am. Jealous? 
Also another reason we skipped the parks that Sunday- the meltdowns and general glazed-over look was intense!
My parents instilled a love for Disney in me, and they also joined in on the family vacation fun. 

Monday: Epcot.
I'm not sure I imagined just how much Elle would love meeting the characters- within the first hour, she met Daisy, Stitch, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, & Goofy. She was such a girl. She'd grin and kiss their noses. Twirl in her dress. Tip her head to the side. Oh, it was the cutest thing ever.
Dinner at Trex. Um, is anyone else's child afraid of everything? I mean, yes, this place was a loud. And dark. Elle was terrified. Sweet Elle will go into full-on hysterics at the drop of a hat: bugs, darkness, water, car horns... you name it. She'll flip. There she is wielding a knife for protection... :)
We had a connecting room to my parents for the days they were there- which ended up being a life saver! When we'd put Elle down for naps we'd just go next door and hang out, or we'd go on little mini-walking-dates...

Tuesday? Magic Kingdom time!
A few times during our trip we walked right into flash dance parties. Elle melted us- and onlookers. She was in dancing heaven! People would just come up and dance with her- they'd cheer & clap, and she was happy as could be! She also learned to dance/pose/walk like a princess (holding her dress out by her pinkies). How cute is that?
After an hour of waiting (gag), she also had the pleasure to meet Ariel & Prince Eric:)

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