the happiest place on earth (continued): the finale...

sunday afternoon we went to one of my favorite places- the polynesian resort- and did one of my favorite things- play on the beach! i've wanted to rent one of these coo-coo bikes for a decade now... & we finally did it! thanks to mikey for making my dreams come true:)
woah, dude. that bike was hard to steer. 
but so fun!
oh, and hullo- is it not the cutest sight ever to have elle perched in the basket, ringing a bell? :)
also, she was introduced to hammocks. 
we swayed in the "breeze" (hurricane-force-winds) as a family... 
elle's still a little unsure about sand (she's terrified of bugs, and sand looks like it's filled with bugs. no. good.).
after the polynesian? downtown disney for more ice cream. we can't stop ourselves.
bah! the hunger games! totally fell victim. love these books. 
thanks to elle's bedtime hours earlier than ours, i read a lot. (mike, too!)
like more than i have in years. 
i blew through this series. if they weren't made for tweens, i'd brag more about the fact that i read so much in so little time. i'm a reader! 

on monday, we finally had enough time & sunshine to go to the pool!
elle was so happy! she was desperate for more pool time (although the wind made it chillllly...)
oh, and more ice cream. STOP JUDGING ME.
we all shared though. does that count for anything? 

have i mentioned (no) the fact that we rented a van? (free upgrade!) a town & country to be exact. totally mike's idea, and i'm not makin' that up. i detest vans. i drove one too long during my hs years:) i will admit though, that thing was sweet. were it not for the nasty outward appearance, it was loaded inside! cool blue track lights, back-up camera, automatic doors (elle would clap twice and say, "disney world!" magically, making the doors open & close:), even a tv. thanks to "lady & the tramp," she actually tolerated all our car-time! and she was pretty cozy in the (*cough*) van.
speaking of "lady and the tramp" (or as i used to call it, "lady on the tramp." oops.), elle finally chose a souvineer! anything in the world, and she chose a lady stuffed animal:)
our final dinner was at planet hollywood.
tuesday morning? 
we were up early for our trip to the airport (see room rubble below).
the resort was so peaceful at 6am.
it was time i guess. even elle was asking for home.
i was sad... until i found an au bon pain at the airport (LOVE THAT PLACE). 
pastries ease my pain.
 i  we stocked up on food. 
oh, bagel! oh, muffin! oh, cinnamon roll!
(more food. stop judging me. again.)
 and that's that.
everything was so lovely.
11 days of hearing elle's squeal. watching a whole new world open up for our crazy princess. spending quality time with my little family. cheers to the happiest place on earth...


  1. 1. I am SOOOO jealous of your trip. I'm dying to take my 3 year old
    2. I also detest vans
    3. I drive that exact van (except mine is silver) (also my husband's idea)
    4. I hate admitting it, but our van really is pretty sweet.
    5. Hunger Games books are AWESOME.

  2. I've really just come to the conclusion that you should come on all of our family vacations just so you can take the photos... what do ya think? you in?

    all of your photos are priceless. so is this trip! so glad you had such a great time with miss elle.


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