the happiest place on earth (continued): our last day at the park! the magic kingdom...

we asked elle what she wanted to do with our last day at the parks, and she decided she wanted to ride aladdin's magic carpets one more time:) we headed back to the magic kingdom for a few rides around on the carousel, it's a small world, the magic carpets, the teapots, and the train...
the beast and rapunzel (her FAVES) were visible outside, each with lines well over an hour long. 
thankful for an unknowing toddler we told her, "elle! look! wave to them!" so she did. and was satisfied. suh-weet!
we also happened upon cinderella, sleeping beauty AND belle on main street, so we waited in line to meet the ladies themselves. it was actually really neat- they let us, and only us in, so elle had a good 5-10 minutes just being with these 3 together! the only downside? elle was officially getting tired. tired of it all i think. tired of the smiling and meeting and moving. her smile was faint and goofy:) i wish we'd put this on the first day, rather than the last!
above: sleeping beauty kissing elle's book- although it looks like she's blind and reading:) kind of makes me laugh hysterically!

the teacups.
i've never been on the teacups. 
i don't "do" rides.
i don't "do" spinning.
but elle loved them... so i went with her & mikey for round 2...
there are a lot of pictures like the one above and left.
also images similar too, with a face much more resembling "i no like. i want to puke."
i'm so glad elle has mike's stomach, not mine:)

next up? 
the finale...:)

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