mr. brian reeegaaann!

we had a stupendndous night last night- a date to see brian regan downtown!
the dude is hilarious. i haven't laughed that hard in who knows how long.
our neighbor buddies doubled w/ us, and thanks to some pretty outstanding grandparents, we enjoyed an awesome date night!
first? dinner at biaggi's, next, to get warm cookies from bear country (it was so cold outside!), and finally we were off to see the funny-man himself!
from the 4th row.
hello, awesome.
my jaw & ab muscles (or lack there-of) still ache from laughing so hard.
also noteworthy below: the boys were more-so on a man date. they ditched kristen & i in our heels and walked around together.
also, also noteworthy below: mike's faces of hilarity. there were more not shown here. for the sake of his pride, i shall keep those from non-public viewing.


  1. Love Biaggi's! It's very yummy

  2. This so reminded me of the time that Alex and I went to a Brian Regan show...Andy Dean was on a date and was directly sitting 3 rows behind us. We were all excited when we saw him and he pretended like he didn't know us! Crazy Andy. Anywho, so glad you guys had a blast! I <3 Brian Regan!

  3. we saw brian regan two years ago and my husband and i still laugh about some of the small quips he made that night. we also listen to him as we take long drives. what better way to pass the time. glad you were able to go. just found your blog...it's wonderful.


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