some joys of the season.

i have that little girl- the one who is wearing a tee shirt + a skirt + tights + boots + a hideous princess dress bought at target post-halloween for dress-up (i have leared recently that a 2-year-old cannot does not care to distinguish "real life" from "dress-up.") in public.
it's a battle i've decided is not worth fighting- she's just so happy!
she wears a princess dress 99.9% of the day. 
actually, she wears a few. she rotates through them on 30-minute increments.  
the last couple weeks have taught us that elle is quite the decisive lady (really? like i shouldn't have seen that one coming years ago).
she's happy, and i love it.
everyday i pray, "please, please remember feeling this happy & pretty always!"
she looks in the mirror & grins from ear to ear.
she's started to randomly blurt out, "oh! i love you, too!!"
she tips her head to the side, smiles, and waits for a compliment. she then immediately responds, "oh! tanks!!!"
she is our princess.
she gives this season so much more meaning.
love & joy & innocence & purity & peace...
well, maybe not always that last one. but the others for sure.
last saturday we spent the morning pizzelle-making over the gas flames at my parent's.
125 cookies, 2 hours, and 6 hands throbbing with the sensation of carpel tunnel means it's another year of this uber-fun tradition.
they remind me of my grandma. of being a little girl.
you know, the sights & sounds & smells that remind you of the holidays?
thanks, too, to my mom for always hunting down & roasting chestnuts.
they made my week.

christmas, here we come!

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  1. You are such an awesome mom! I need to be more fun! And those are some awesome cookies!


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