it's friday & it's fall.

i long for a big pile of leaves to throw elle in.
all these pansy trees in our neighborhood hardly do justice when you're itching for quantity. 
maybe that will be our goal for the weekend? 
find & jump in a gigantic pile of leaves?
how magical!

it's crisp & chilly outside. 
it's snowed once this week already.
it's pathetically dark when we wake up. and when we sit down to eat dinner.
but the sun & moon & skies seem different this time of year.
i love fall!
it's kind of a magical season, yes?

the new anthropologie catalog just came in the mail.
is anyone else totally mesmerized by every detail in-store and in-catalog? 
i keep flipping through the pages and just dreaming.
i'm hoping one of these times i'll flip the page and see $48 instead of $488.
that would be magical, too.

1 comment:

  1. Haha, very true about the season, the dark, the anthro catalog. Love the picture, by the way! You are very talented with a camera!


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