pumpkins through that other "p" word.

this girl, loves herself some pumpkins. she's making me realized how bah-humbug i am about halloween. next year? i'm going to have the spookiest house on the block. or... at least decorate with more than a pumpkin & some spiderwebs that blew off in last weeks rainstorm.
friday, i woke elle from a ridiculously late nap (i'm getting nervous, folks- her naps are a little sketchy lately). (you can see her rather delirious state below. note, she takes her pumpkin with her wherever she goes.) we drove downtown to meet mikey & share a pizza at settebello. loooove that place. after, we split a warm & gooey cookie at gateway, & rode all around the free-fare trax zone. 
nothing beats the sheer joy of a 2-year-old doing the simplest things. man, i love that girl.
we've shopped so much lately- not like, "BUY" shop, just shop. why you ask? oh, because shopping with a toddler is borderline inanity. so we go & go & go & go, looking for the same things. note elle above. they almost kicked us out of urban outfitters, i'm sure of it. we really have shopped 20 times in the last few weeks- before nap, after nap, before bed... you name it. we're confident in our acceptance that from here on out we'll continue to use our annual vegas couples-getaway as a means for obtaining not only lovely sunshine & mess-free dinners, but more importantly, shopping 'till we drop.
sunday night was a dreadful one. from start to finish. elle cried tons all night, and after taking turns trying to calm her, we had our first nighttime vomit experience. 2:30 AM. "AMANDA!! ELLE THREW UP!" i about threw up just at the thought. sleep was gone the rest of the night. my gosh nights are long when you wake up at 2:30. i did immediate laundering of everything.
poor elle said, "mommy, i sick. i frow up." 
i don't. do. puke. 
don't. do. it. ask anyone who knows me- i'd rather die than associate with any sort of... that stuff.
it was a rough night + day...
it's been touch-and-go since then. another projectile puke experience ONTO me this morning. i did shockingly well. i'm proud of myself for not losing my raisin bran. it's been a tough monday & tuesday.
fingers crossed all this business ends asap.

(why did i end on that note? eew.)


  1. i love that Elle takes her pumpkin everywhere. you are going to have to step up your decorating gig next year :) Luke could still care less... boy thing?

    and then there is the throw-up...has she been sick? bless your heart. i'm sorry. hopefully it is quick to leave. does she get sick often? I swear these two kiddos of are like twins with different parents!! having luke on oils has been life changing for us. we are going on 3 months and no illness.

  2. it's been so strange! she's never thrown up before so this is all new to us. i'm not sure if it's a virus or just a domino affect. i'm curious about these oils- i'd love to hear more!!

  3. I think parents earn their parenting card through their first puke night. Everything up until that point is just so you learn to love your kids enough to deal with their puke.

    Each time you deal with kid-vomit, you get a stamp on your frequent-puke punch card. I'm fairly sure that a completely full card will get you into heaven, no questions asked.

    Welcome to the world of vomit, Amanda....it never gets easier! :)

  4. (PS - if Kiesha is talking about the same oils we use, I highly recommend getting some info from her! Rob works for the corporate office of an oil company, and we are LOVING the products that he brings home!)


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