a little urgent care, a little state fair...

Thursday night we picked up Elle after work, and 2 inches from our car, I stepped on a bee. Barefoot. On the grass. I’ve been stung twice before, and although I was allergic those other times, apparently I felt stupid and hoped I’d grown out of my allergy. Or something.
Anyhoo, I didn’t.
If you know me you know that 1) I'm insanely accident prone, and 2) weird, stupid things happen to me all the time.
Like this.
Well, I didn’t go to the doctor like I should, and I got sicker and sicker. Saturday morning I drove myself to Urgent Care & left with a few prescriptions and much more peace of mind. Why again didn’t I save myself the time and money and go earlier? Oh well. I’m feeling much better, although my foot is still incredibly sore. And itchy. DARN BEES!!!! I hate bees.

Now, onto the fun part of the day! A coworker was kind enough to give us tickets to the Utah State Fair! I couldn't not go. Elle was so excited- my parents had taken her a few days before, and she hadn't stopped talking about it. I hobbled my way around for a couple of hours- and it was so much fun (mostly now. Hindsight. At the time, I was sore & woozy).
Do you know what I love about fairs?
It doesn’t matter where you go to a fair- a fair is a fair is a fair.
Like… fair people? Most all fairs have that delightfully white trash vibe, yes? Ahh, smoke, rides that smell like rusty metal (and seem incredibly unsafe), carnies, and fried “food.”


  1. looks like a fun outing. Amanda, I love your new hair. Elle is so sweet! She is getting so big. The three of you are so photogenic!

  2. cute! love state fairs :)


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