i think these days are numbered. so long, sweet summer.

 you can tell by the fact that the sun is going down way too early,
and elle is way too bundled leaving the pool.
this summer elle started jumping in the big pool by herself, and swimming all around alone w/ her princess floaties.
after going almost-daily for 2 straight months, i'm not sure what we'll spend our fall & winter days doing...?

after we got home, mike & elle worked on their puppet.
it's kind of the best puppet i've ever seen.
finished puppet coming soon.


  1. yes, the chill is here! I've been thinking the same with my little guy. i'm not forward to bundling him up just to go play outside. i don't live in snow but it's still cold!

    cute swim suit!


  2. Amanda! I just spent a few minutes catching up on your darling blog and feel like I have so much to comment on!
    I am LOVING your new hair do! It seriously makes me want to cut mine short.

    Elle is such a BEAUTIFUL little girl! Can't believe she is almost two. She is always dressed so cute.

    I just had to laugh at your potty training post. Wish I could be sitting next to you at work to hear the daily updates :) Sounds like a bit of a challenge, but I'm sure she'll get there...eventually.

    Love you Amanda!


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