"work" + family retreat...

it's been said that i love my job & i love love love the people i work with.
saturday was a retreat for everyone & their families- about 200 of us!
"stunning" doesn't begin to describe the property. or weather. or company...
^^ a lake, zipline, rope swings, and boats. elle kept saying, "pool!" then when she got in, her face looked the way i felt about lakes- 'ew! cold! slimy!' we rode a paddleboat together... & had the best time! elle was in heaven. mike let her steer. so basically, we made a lot of circles.
elle was nearly silent except for the random, "ohhh! boat! pool! happy!"
such a great memory.
the slip & slide: all-around highlight of the day.
people watching was nearly as fun as sliding down the hill!
please take note of how much elle hated going down the slide, but was somehow so attracted to climbing the hill...:)
note: face above.
the troughs of water running off the base of the slide made for gigantic mud pits. elle wouldn't leave them alone! she seriously looked like a swamp monster. that tutu swimsuit gathers all mud, debris, bugs, and general crap anywhere nearby... she was quite the filthy princess:) it took 3 washings just to tone down the brown...
melissa & me.
shade from the sun under the big trees.

remember jamie!? she came all the way up with her hubby & cute little baby millie!
elle. was. in. loooove. i mean really, can you blame her?
she just jumped on my lap when she saw this picture: "PLAAAAY! MOMMM! I PLAY!!!!!!"


  1. Totally jealous of your job! That looks so fun. I love serving in YW!

  2. That looks like a blast. I want to live there!

  3. Looks like soooo much fun! What a beautiful area!


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