"cooo-keey and waa-wa?"

when i got out my veggies to make dinner, i discovered they were moldy.
mike walked in the door from work i just smiled at him with a "please tell me you have a great idea for dinner" look. we've only been out once this whole month, and i can't stand cooking anymore.

 we've driven by this place a million times, but apparently, it's now a new restaraunt- a BBQ called j.d. smedley's
it was a gorgeous friday night, and could not have been more charming!

we walked up to the door- a 25 minute wait? we can handle that.
we sat on picnic tables & enjoyed smelling the loverly aeroma of  the big smoker in the yard (we all showered when we got home-now that is my idea of camping- smelling like fire without the overnight-ing!).

we kept waiting.
elle just kept yelling, "coo-kie & waa-wa!??!"
"elle, you have to eat more than cookies & water for dinner."
"no! coo-kie & waa-wa, mommy."

still waiting.
after an hour the couple behind us said, "we waitied an hour to get a table, and now have been waiting another hour for our food..."
they took off, and so did we.
you know that point where you can sense your child is near a meltdown?
right. it was time.

sure it was friday night, but there were only 6 total tables filled inside & out!
has anyone watched "kitchen nightmares?" i kept hearing gordon ramsey in the back of my head.
this wasn't panning out exactly like we'd hoped.

oh well, if they last through the year, we'll try again...

we promptly headed over to a bakery/cafe for cookies & water.
 "daddy? coo-kee & waa-wa?"

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