29: in 365 days, you'll be forced to truly face wisdom, maturity, and refinement. until then? cheers to your twenties!

This is it. His last year in his twenties.
WHAT? Twenty-nine.
My husband is twenty-nine!
I have a hard time believing we’ve been married six years. Have an almost-two-year-old. And Mike is reaching that threshold where you are truly, only young in your head. Teenagers think you’re old. So you must be old. Because teenagers know everything, right?

Did I give you a complex, Mike? I guess we’re all just in shock. I would now like to express my love to you by sharing 29 of my most favorite memories with you…
(Warning: For those others who are reading, this may be long, personal, and confusing.)

photo taken last weekend when mike decided to cut his own hair. he looks much sexier now than at the above moment, trust me.

29. Wandering, looking for our hotel, walking on a bridge in Paris. When I’m pretty positive that you, Barb & Paul would have thrown be off the side into the water had they been given the chance… I was so mean and nasty and tired… you did something. Said something? I can’t remember what it was for the life of me, but I DO remember that was the moment I thought, “Woah. He is tolerating me. He is handling me being crazy. And dramatic. And he’s calm. And not jumping off this bridge himself. I want to be with this best friend of mine for forever…”

28. Sharing meals out. All meals. Always. And being cheap together. And never making decisions without the other’s awareness. Still.

27. The moment Elle was born and the first words of your mouth were, “She looks Asian…” and we laughed. It wasn’t the moment I expected- you know, that one people talk about where you instantly cry? Instead, it was our moment of laughter when we shared our new bundle in the only way WE knew how. And it was funny. And I think she laughed, too. At least I hope so. Because clearly, she is not Asian.

26. Chasing the waves in Maui together for hours.

25. When Elle was just a wee little lassie, and shot projectile diarrhea on you in the middle of the night.

24. Each weeknight when you rub my feet.

23. Our first date. The whole thing. In particular, the moment you grabbed my newly-mittened hand and ran across the street in Salt Lake. Or when we drove the hills in Bountiful and saw the deer run in front of our car- you said, “Wow, I wonder how many batteries that thing takes?” Oh, that was SUCH a fun night!

22. Cross-country drives & roadtrips.

20. The thousands of times I’ve said, “Let’s take a picture!” You roll your eyes… but then you pose with me. OHHHH, the times you’ve rolled your eyes at me!

19. The golf course up on Cliffside- Sunday drives and house-hunting.

18. The night we thought someone was breaking into our house, and rather than saving your dear wife, you shoved me toward the door, and cowered under the covers.

17. When you hid in the dryer.

16. After the Jazz game when you, Paul & I were driving up by the Capitol- you got out to pee on the side of the road- and afterward made the funniest comment alive when we picked you up. You know what I’m talking about.

15. Watching you snorkel in pure bliss. Endlessly.  

14. Our night walks of yore. On the beach in Spain when we talked about getting married. Choosing the “big” or “little” circle to walk in Logan. Exploring the streets of Europe. Enjoying night walks with fireflies in Ohio. Circling our neighborhood as I walked the curbs, hoping to induce labor. When we were first married and lived in that tiny Logan studio- we’d fight like crazies sometimes, other times we’d walk just up the hill to the temple.

13. When you flew to Ohio & met my parents. That moment we met in the baggage claim of the Cleveland airport- I ran & jumped on you like in the movies! I’m sure I was full of that much grace, too, as I leapt into your arms. I’m so graceful.

12. When you were sunburned in Edgehill and you lifted up your shirt in to rub in lotion- I saw that you had a six-pack. That was a nice surprise.

11. Black Pearl. You let me drive her. She was such a fast car… and then you bought Red. She was not such a fast car. But you loved her.

10. When you tried to pick a fight with the Tongans, who then stole our hubcaps. It wasn’t a favorite memory then, but it is now.

9. When I was pregnant and you heard about “shaken baby syndrome” on the radio. That day you asked me not to jump or move quickly, just in case it would hurt “your little girl.” And you were serious.

8. When I found you on the street downtown with a sign. Asking for forgiveness. You’re so sweet. Thank you for being so willing to change. So happy. Patient.
7. Hawaiian fruit stands & shaved ice.

6. The olden days of Baby London’s. Such a fun adventure. Going to Magic. Acting like grown-ups who pretended to know what they were doing.

5. The times when you laugh so hard you make that donkey laugh- I mean, I’m never funny enough that you laugh like that for ME… but it’s still HIL-arious. And it’s my goal one day for you to laugh like that at me. When appropriate. The time I drew an elephant & “nails” was close, but still, no donkey laugh. That was more of an, “Amanda, you’re an idiot” laugh.

4. I can’t even count the times I’ve caught you playing with Elle and it melts my heart. Never could I imagine anyone being a better daddy than you are to that little girl! She adores you. I also love the moment a few nights ago when she said in the silence at 4AM, “Dad. I. Want. Mom.” She loves us. And she’s a spitfire. And she’s ours.

3. Edgehill. All of it. All those silly memories we had as friends & then dating. Throwing a football, making lunch on your George Foreman, our roommates & neighbors. Sneaking in & out. The sound of the front doors slamming. The parking lot. That stupid hill. Ben & Jerry’s. Econ class. It feels like what made us… it seems like so long ago, maybe that’s why the memories are so silly? So fun. So sweet.

2. Trips. Oh, how I’ve loved our trips together. How could I count those memories? I’ll wait until you’re 100 to try. At least 100. Las Vegas, Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, England, Spain, France, the Bahamas, California, New York, DC, Chicago, & a bunch of places in between.

1. That smile. How I love that smile of yours. And those lips. Everything. You’re the man for me, and I’d never change a thing. Thank you for being my man. There are so many more.

I’m so glad you were born. I’m so happy to have you. Elle is, too. We love you, and all your crazy ways. You’re the best. Happiest birthday wishes to our man!


  1. So many fun times! I'm glad I understood most of them. =) Happy Birthday Mikey!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Mikey! Geez, we are getting old! :) Your post made me laugh....and smile. Just to name a few....."shaken baby syndrome"....she looks like she is "asain" Pretty sure you guys were made for each other. I am always reminded that I need to take more pictures and write more things down when I read your blog. Thanks for the reminder cute kids. Sure do love you guys..


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