vegas snapshots.

what a perfect anniversary getaway we had!
we told elle, "mommy & daddy are going on vacation...
but you're going on vacation to grandma & grandpa's house!"
she promptly gasped, and put her hands over her mouth in glee.
she had such a great time, too!
sending a huge thanks to my parents for loving our wee one so much & watching her during our little vacay!
 en route to my parents on the 4th of july to drop off missy elle. she partook of our road snacks- hostess doughnuts we get for special roadtrips; our brilliant idea to try and get to vegas on one tank of gas. we prayed & were running on fumes when a new station 15 miles outside of vegas rose from the sand...!
 elle swimming back at my parents; our view of the 4th fireworks:) they were the size of a pinhead... but we COULD see like 8 shows at the same time!
we got to the mirage and it was CRAZY busy- the non-weekend rates were a steal, plus the holiday? i'm sure that's why it was packed. anyway, our room was on the 8th floor and was comparable to that seat we usually get on the airplane right over the wing- you know the one where all you see is... well, nothing? yah, all we saw was rooftop and a little freeway, SO, i called down to the front desk and asked if there were any rooms available higher up, or facing toward the strip (that way we could see the fireworks!). there was one room left, but it had 2 queen beds instead of our solo king- sold! we swapped rooms & ended up on the 19th floor with a new view of both the strip and the pools: normal pool, dolphin pool, and even the nude pool:) thankfully, we were much too high to see anything too risque. the closest thing we saw were drunks dancing on chairs:) mike constantly mocks me for asking questions- but it never hurts just as long as you're nice!; the new h&m inside the forum shops and caesars- 3 floors of lovely!
 shopping at the outlets; shopping at fashion show mall. no joke- we shopped for like 50 hours.
what were we thinking?
at least we found some great steals- sales were stellar:)
 my all-time fave: serendipity! i'm pretty sure their prices go up 40% each year. we only ate out 4 times the entire vacation, so we rationalized this small frrrozen hot chocolate for a meer $13! *feeling woozy* also shown: cookies & cream+cookie dough waffle cone for another $8. WHAT THE??? maybe we were drunk off alcoholic fumes & cigarette smoke. it made sense at the time.
 pool time! love pool time! the weather was awesome- 90's and overcast a vast majority of the time. we spent a couple hours at the pool, twice a day. perfect!!
 i was so excited to try out max brenner, but their power was out so we ended up on the inside patio at cheesecake factory; one last frrrozen hot chocolate on our way home thursday. i couldn't resist... 
 running to get that frrrozen hot chocolate shown above: it was 10:30 am and the strip was practically deserted! you can't move at 10:30 pm... but 12 hours later? it's a breeze! 
saying farewell to the pool.
i found a picture of mikey! isn't he a stud? i'm apparently vain- there are like 20 of me; our drive from st. george to salt lake was misery. there was SOO much traffic & construction! when you are planning on a 5 1/2 hour drive at 80mph and you're down to one lane, driving 40mph... the day drags...
alas! we made it home to our baby! what's even better? my mom were waiting with homemade lasagna & cobbler in the oven!
those little joys make the end of a vacation oh, so much more manageable:)


  1. ok I totally jealous you get to travel so much. Also love your yellow swim suit...where did you get it?

  2. ok, you two are soo cute. i am dying to go on a little vacay! and i too love the yellow suit!! is it a jantzen?

  3. Oh thanks!! It is a Jantzen- it WAS a one piece but they run suuper small- I reordered twice before Elle ripped off the tag and I had to keep it:) solution? Chop off the bottoms and it's now a top! Sad, but true.

  4. So fun! I love the way you document trips- your pictures are so creative and artistic! Looks like a ton of fun!

  5. This is my first time on your blog and I love it! Your pictures are so much fun. Looks like a great vacay!


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