a little about sleep & a little about dancing around like a princess.

One of my favorite (& least favorite) times of the day is the morning... In particular, mornings when Mike & I work. I hate waking a sleeping child... it's so... ironic, isn't it? We slip into her dark room at the last possible second & search for her body. We gawk how cute (& big) our "baby" is. We whisper how guilty we feel. Usually we can see her from the neck down. Her head is always, always under her favorite blanket. She’s such a light sleeper she’s usually opened her eyes by this time, and instantly, a huge grin comes across her face. She is pure delight in the mornings, and I love it. Once she’s up, she’s up… there isn’t much cuddling, other than a sometimes momentary hug and stretch.

She's been sleeping so much better since we adjusted her nighttime schedule! It was rough sailing for a few weeks there… really, Vegas was a divine intervention for us. I was either going to check into a hotel, or the looney bin. Whichever came first. Thank you, Vegas. Maybe some slumber parties at her grandparents are to thank? Either way- bedtime is later-we were sad at first to lose our “couple date nights,” but in reality we gained family date nights, which rock. We spend most nights at the pool, splash pad, or park… who could complain? Not me!

Elle is such a girl.
I'm pretty sure she has many more natural, sweet, motherly instincts than I do. She's so caring and sensitive.
She found this skirt of mine and instantly put her hands over her mouth, gasping, "Ohhhhhh!"
"Elle, do you want to put on mommy's skirt?"
She laughed & laughed & laughed,
twirled & twirled & twirled...

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  1. I love these pictures of your little girl. Beautiful!


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