saturday in logan.

Just outside of Logan I realized I’d packed my camera for our day-o-family-fun…
but realized my camera battery was sitting, cozy in its charger, on our kitchen counter. Lame.
I almost cried. If Mike wouldn’t have mocked me I would have cried (I could see his smirk when he realized just HOW off the hook he was- no camera?! ALL DAY free of a camera?!? I think he may have secretly sabotaged me). Thankfully, I remembered my phone. And still managed to take like 100 pictures? HA!!! Not that anyone should be surprised.

Elle was napless so we just shoved Dum Dum’s at her to try and keep all of our sanity. Really, we all just ended up sticky & exhausted by the time we got home. I’m not sure if there are any other children in existence who also refuse to sleep in their car seat (anyone? Anyone?). No matter how tired she is, she won’t sleep in the car. She’s been like that since infancy. It makes for long, loud car rides and yesterday was no exception! Screaming aside, it was a great day!

Highlights: walking around campus (including my freshman home, and where Mikey & I met); going to feed the ducks at 1st Dam; Gossners (Elle literally drank 2 milk cartons of chocolate milk in less than 2 minutes. So... we turned around and bought more); potato & bacon spring rolls from Hamilon’s; the “zoo;” and finally, a wedding reception for one of Mike’s best high school buddies!


  1. I miss living in Logan so much! Great pics! And you're not the only one that takes a million pictures. I have that syndrome too...:)

  2. Aaah, fun trip! Sometimes I miss it there so much... And don't worry, Sadie won't sleep in the car either. Like, EVER.

    I swear our kids are SO similar when it comes to sleep...


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