to sell or not to sell...

i'm pretty sure (& pretty terrified) the terrible 2's are coming early in the petersen house.
every few days elle wakes up within hours of falling asleep & screams.
screams bloody murder.
she stops the instant we go in her room, and begins again the instant we attempt to leave. one would assume that she'd "cry it out" eventually- but she's learned she can scream for an hour & ten minutes, stop for fifteen, then start again. she repeats this cycle for 8 hours until the sun comes up.
it's super fun!
since we've never held her to fall asleep, nor have we ever put her in our bed... she has no idea how to sleep when we are near.
we have NO clue what to do!
i was highly considering selling her on ksl wednesday morning, but i didn't know what "category" to put her in.
so we kept her.
that night she had a sleepover w/ grandma & grandpa.
bless their hearts! they love her & she loves them (grandparents are the best, right?)! 
oh, & of course slept through the night for them.

sleeplessness aside,
i adore this little person.
she's hilarious.
she scaled the kitchen cabinets today trying to get onto the counter for a snack.
and, as you can see, she's a big fan of flossing.
she is just funny. a funny toddler person.

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  1. Ugh, figuring out how to get your kids to sleep is the WORST part of being a parent, I'm pretty sure. Sadie went through this too, around age 2. If she didn't want to sleep she'd lay in bed yelling "MMMOOOMMMMMMYYYYY... DDDAAAADDDDDYYYYY..." at the top of her lungs over and over and over again til we'd go in, then just say something like "yuv you." GRRR.

    Does Elle get the concept of rewards yet? We tried EVERYTHING. We started telling Sadie she couldn't do this or that, or couldn't have this or that the next day if she didn't sleep. Or I'd sit in the rocking chair in her room and close my eyes, tell her I couldn't talk to her cause it was time for bed and totally ignore her. She'd whine/cry for while and then stop and lay down. We also told her we could only come into her room 2 times after putting her to bed, and then we weren't coming back, and we didn't. It helped, but she was 2 when she did this, so she understood it easily...

    Sorry it's a novel. Good Luck!


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