6 whole years- SIX!

 it has been six years since mikey & i were married.
thursday, june 30th, 2005 seems like light years ago- really!
we've traveled to new places, cities, & countries.
we've graduated from college.
bought a home.
had a baby.
watched that baby become a kid.
we've become a family.

we have gone from a lot of sleep to a little.
we have cried & yelled & fought; laughed & played & loved for 2190+ days of marriage.
we have learned so much about each other.
mikey is my best friend-
no one knows me like he does,
nor would anyone tolerate me like he does.
really. we all know this is true.
each year i am so much more in love with this man of mine!
although we're away from each other & working today (romantic, huh?),
i'm so excited to get away this weekend for some sunshine & sleep.

here we go lucky number 7!

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  1. Congratulations! I'm so glad my cousin found such a great girl to marry! I don't think I've ever seen two people more perfect for each other. Although we never see each other (we must stop that) I just love you guys to death!


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