oahu > maui, day 3.

on day 3 (actually, i think this is 4, but i kind of skipped the first day since it was only a few hours long... random side note...) we went to the beach early w/ all the surfers & enjoyed the morning. there is nothing like mornings on vacation- it is so peaceful! my guess is that people are hungover... or just sleeping in. lazy:)
 the expensive hotel on the beach was having yoga classes just inside their fence. we were laughing at the woman on the 4th floor who was copying them for free from just inside her lanai.
oh, and then there was me, copying her.
 one of the best parts of oahu is that you feel like you're in asia! we heard 1 american accent to 5 australian, 5 british, and 250 korean/japanese/chinese! we people watched a lot & admired the asians' style. such a trendy bunch they are! love it. their body temps must hover somewhere around the cullens... they are always dressed in at least 7 layers! style always wins over function:) one woman who hiked diamond head with us actually climbed in heels... what the?
from one island to the next...
pastries, rain, and then a little plane ride led us to
 maui was the much-anticipated surprise part of the trip! after oodles of research i booked the sheraton on kaanapali beach. expectations were high... and they were EXCEEDED! it was insanely incredible. we were updated from a resort view to a deluxe oceanview room- all i had to do was ask!
 view from our lanai.
 banana tree!
 i surprised mikey w/ a sunset dinner at kimo's in lahaina! the food was super mediocre, but the service was great... & the view was perfect! there is this "famous" hulu pie all over maui- if someone offers it to you, kindly say "no thank you!" it's so lame. we laughed our heads off at the processed-ness of vanilla ice cream covered in hershey's syrup and readi-whip. no gracias.

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