hi instagrams.

"hawaii finale?"
ha! i found more.
here are some isntagrams from my phone...
1) elle the morning we left... eating her fruit loops with her loco ocean-spray-wave hair do! photos really don't do justice; 2) our first time at the SkyClub- we felt so posh. do posh people go there? sure. lots of important church people were in there. free food (we loaded up. cheap, huh? :). free wifi. nice airport bathrooms...; 3) flying out of salt lake and 4) into oahu.
1) mike outside our room- any & every time we're on vacation he spends all evening+night either on the balcony, or exploring! no joke; 2) diamond head from waikiki; 3) a family experiencing my nightmare: their baby's first time on sand is being filmed... & she instantly has a nervous breakdown! she hated it; 4) wolfgang puck express on waikiki- delishhhh!
 1) our first view of the beach from our room in maui; 2) dinner at kimo's on the beach- maui, night 1;
3) hammock at the sheraton; 4) when we were in hawaii in '09 we found out jon gosslin was cheating on kate. this time? osama is dead! way better news, yah?

1) ululani's shave ice; 2) all of the sudden i had a fabulous flashback to childhood as the couple next to us ordered pool drinks: when i was little my dad would order shirley temples! we'd never ordered a drink poolside, so i made asked mike to go get me one! i felt so special; 3) gigantic monsoon after we got back from hana. the luau that was planned outside our window was cancelled- shoot! that would have been a free show! 4) mike at a subway in honolulu... look how big this place is! are we in manhattan? i'd say it was only about a footlong (HA! get it?).
1) how appropriate. it was pure luck that the last shirt i wore leaving maui read 'i can still hear the waves...' tender! 2) the road to hana. we won't go into detail a second time; 3) our last night in maui... we were beat; 4) gobbling up some yogurt- this place was amaaaazing!
1) aloha, beach; 2) aloha, hammock; 3) aloha, maui, 4) aloha, last sunset which was viewed from the 12th floor of the honolulu airport hotel...

aloha & mahalo.

peace out for real this time.
or until i miss hawaii & find more hidden photos.


  1. So fun Manda! You over your cold yet so we can play?

  2. dang woman - i LOVE how you keep up the travel!! and sooo LOVE that you are taking care of the peanut m&m's for me!! i miss you LOTS!! i love the girls i get to work by here, but it's just not the same . . ya know?!?!

    how about you and melissa come - for a "working weekend"?? we'll discuss all the Young Women things the presidency would even want to know, and check out some ward undercover . . and just get to be together!!! i LOVE it!!


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